Bemboka Public School

Respect, Responsible, Resilient

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About our school

At Bemboka Public School we are committed to a quality education in a caring,challenging and collaborative atmosphere that will provide for the needs of future focused learners. We offer a diverse curriculum providing a range of learning experiences for all learners. We are a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden school where all students have the opportunity to grow vegetables and cook wonderful meals under the guidance of our kitchen and garden specialists. Our students all enjoy STEM classes across the year. Bemboka Public School has a proud history of sporting success at all levels both individually and in teams.We offer a rigorous academic curriculum with excellent programs to support Literacy and Numeracy. We have excellent technology resources with all students and teachers having ready access to the tools to support future focused learning. Bemboka Public School provides access via tablets,computers, video conferencing facilities and interactive whiteboards. Private music lessons are available for piano and drums and we have a very enthusiastic school band and choir.The school has introduced the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) framework and celebrates learning as we all strive to "Achieve With Pride".